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You’ve heard the rumors – SEO can’t be guaranteed, right? Wrong! We’re SEO service specialists, sharpening our local SEO skills for over a decade. We offer cookie-cutter plans – we craft custom strategies that guarantee results you can see.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Over 10 years of SEO experience: We know what works in our borough, not just theories.

Laser focus on local businesses: Forget national chains, we help local Queens businesses like yours thrive.

Guaranteed success: We’re so confident, that we offer a 2x ROI guarantee.

Don’t just blend in, shine brighter than ever!

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New York City SEO Services

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Don't miss out business on your own back-yards

Think of Local SEO as building with Lego bricks – it’s the glue that connects your Google business profile, local citations, content, social media, website, and backlinks, creating a solid online presence. 

Today, we’ll see how your Google Business Profile, local citations, content, social media, website, and backlinks work together.

We’ll break down each element, step-by-step, showing you how they work together to rule your online block like a local legend! 

Let’s build your online empire, brick by brick, and fuel your success story in the heart of Queens.

Now, let’s dive deeper into each of these local SEO services and explore how they can benefit your business.

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When people search for services in your area, the 3-pack in search results featuring your profile not only grabs attention but also leads to local phone calls.

We ensure the most profitable website silo including appropriate landing pages that guarantee maximum visibility, low-cost intake, and profitable customer acquisition.

No one likes a website that takes forever to load. We ensure your pages load faster than a 7 train at rush hour, keeping visitors happy and engaged.

Our team specializes in crafting compelling, locally-focused content. 

Consider backlinks as virtual high-fives from other websites. The more high-fives you accumulate, the more Google trusts and acknowledges your local authority.

LSgigs is your growth partner, not just an SEO service. We’re dedicated to helping you generate more revenue, attract the right local customers.

Google Business Profile Optimization:

Your Local SEO LEGO wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the significance of Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business (GMB). 

It stands as the primary and pivotal element in your local digital presence. The magic of the 3-pack in search results is undeniable.

When people search for services in your area, the 3-pack in search results featuring your profile not only grabs attention but also leads to local phone calls. 

This means your business gets in touch with the right customers at the perfect time, giving you a local leadership edge.

Now, let’s check out a few more cool facts about Google Business Profile that you should know:

Get Seen More Often: Optimize your profile and you’ll pop up more in local searches, like a bright light attracting customers.

Build Trust Like a Local Hero: A well-kept profile with accurate info and happy reviews makes you the go-to option, just like a friendly neighbor.

Show Up When It Matters: Google uses your profile to decide who shows up in local searches. Optimize it right and you’ll be the first name people see, beating the competition.

Make It Easy Like Ordering Food: A clear and complete profile makes it easy for customers to find what they need, like your contact info and website. Easy access means more customers picking you!

Stand Out From the Crowd: In a sea of businesses, a great profile makes yours shine brighter than a championship ring. It’s your way of saying, “Hey, we’re awesome!” and grabbing attention.

Get More Clicks: A well-optimized profile means more people will click on your website or call you directly. More clicks means more potential customers!

Mobile-Ready for Busy Queens: Everyone’s on their phones, so an optimized profile makes sure you’re ready for business on any device. Don’t miss out on customers on the go!

We kickstart the journey by enhancing your Google Business Profile, the virtual face of your business.

Website Page Optimization:

Creating a Local Landing Page is a must to make your business stand out in local searches. According to WhiteSparks research, on-page optimization is a major player in Local SEO ranking.

We specialize in crafting the most effective website structure, including the right landing pages, to boost your visibility in local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

These are like the easy wins, ensuring maximum visibility, cost-effectiveness, and successful customer acquisition.

When it comes to optimizing SEO for your Local Business website, here are some key lessons we’ve learned from working with hundreds of real local businesses:

Local Search Superpower: We optimize your website specifically for Queens searches, so when folks in your neighborhood look for what you offer, you’re the first name they see.

Lightning-Fast Loading: No one likes a website that takes forever to load. We ensure your pages load faster than a 7 train at rush hour, keeping visitors happy and engaged.

Mobile-Friendly Magic: In a mobile-centric world, your website is designed to shine on all devices. Whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, your website adapts seamlessly for a stellar user experience.

Easy Navigation: Finding what they need is a breeze. We design your website with clear and simple navigation, making it easy for visitors to find your services, contact information, and anything else they need in seconds.

Local Citations:

Local Citations play a crucial role in Local Business SEO, right alongside Google Business Profile and a well-optimized business website.

These citations, found on sites like Yelp, not only enhance local visibility but also bring in valuable leads, while the backlinks earned contribute to better rankings in Local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It’s like hitting three targets with one arrow.

When it comes to building Local Citations, you have a few options. You can opt for automated services like Yext, with a monthly subscription. 

Alternatively, semi-automated services like BrightLocal charge a one-time fee for building citations from their inventory.

For a budget-friendly approach, you can also find someone on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Having dealt with thousands of scenarios, our dedicated team knows the drill and manually manages local citation campaigns to secure that sweet spot in local search rankings.

Let’s explore how local citations can make a real difference:

Enhanced Visibility in the Borough: Local citations are like digital beacons guiding Queens residents to your business. Consistent information across different platforms increases the likelihood of your business shining in local search results specific to Queens.

Trust and Credibility in the Borough: When your business details are consistently mentioned across online platforms, it builds trust among Queens locals. This reliability not only resonates with potential customers but also earns credibility with search engines.

Boost Your Queens SEO: Local citations are a key factor in local SEO for Queens. By maintaining a consistent and accurate presence across various platforms, you can positively influence your rankings, making it easier for potential customers in Queens to discover your business.

Drive Traffic to Your Queens-based Website: A well-optimized local citation strategy not only increases visibility but also drives more traffic to your website. When Queens residents find accurate information about your business online, they are more likely to explore your website for additional details.

Niche-Specific Authority in Queens: Citations in Queens-specific directories or platforms contribute to establishing authority within the borough. This specialized presence reinforces your expertise and relevance to the Queens community.

Build Trust Locally: Queens residents often rely on various online platforms to gather information about local businesses. Consistent local citations contribute to a positive online reputation, instilling trust in potential customers who prefer businesses with accurate and widely available information within Queens.

Map Your Presence in Queens: For businesses with a physical presence in Queens, local citations play a crucial role in map rankings. Accurate business information across platforms helps improve your visibility on map services, making it easy for local customers in Queens to find and visit your location.

Foster Local Connections: Local citations often involve listings on community or borough-related platforms in Queens. Being present in these spaces not only enhances your online visibility but also fosters local partnerships and collaborations that can benefit your business in Queens.

Competitive Edge in Queens: Businesses with accurate local citations often stand out in local search results in Queens. This competitive edge is vital in a borough where consumers rely heavily on online searches to make informed decisions about local services and products.

And that’s not all – our packages also include localized content tailored to resonate with the diverse and vibrant community of Queens. Interested? 

Let’s delve into our localized content service and explore how it can elevate your business in the borough.

Localized Content:

Alright Queens, listen up! You’ve heard the old saying, “Content is King.” But in today’s world, content is the Emperor, and localized content rules supreme thanks to Google’s E-E-A-T updates. Think of it like winning the World Series for your local market!

localized content takes center stage, establishing authority and ensuring relevance in your local market. It’s a powerful magnet, drawing in potential customers actively searching for your services.

Our team specializes in crafting compelling, locally-focused content that not only resonates with your target audience but also gives your business a boost in visibility within local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

It’s not just about being seen; it’s about making an impact in your Queens local community.

Let’s take a moment to learn the art of local business content production and our approach.

Attract Local Customers: We use strategic keywords Queens residents search for, acting like a magnetic sign that pulls them right to your door.

Tell Your Queens Story: We weave compelling local narratives that showcase your unique value proposition and connect with the heart of Queens. Think of it as sharing your story over a cup of coffee with your neighbors.

Become a Queens Expert: We integrate local landmarks, events, and insider knowledge, proving you’re not just another business, but a true Queens champion.

Educate & Advocate: We help you become the go-to resource for your community, building loyalty and advocacy from your neighbors. We help you develop a unique brand voice that makes you the rockstar business everyone in Queens is talking about.

Backlink Building:

Consider backlinks as virtual high-fives from other websites. The more high-fives you accumulate, the more Google trusts and acknowledges your local authority.

But how do you earn those high-fives effectively?

Here are some key takeaways on building a winning local backlink campaign:

Relevance is Key: Don’t just settle for any backlink; quality over quantity. Focus on getting backlinks from websites relevant to your niche and local area. Imagine high-fiving someone who lives on your street and shares your interests; that’s the kind of connection you want.

Content makes the difference: Create valuable, engaging content that other websites want to link to. This could be informative blog posts, helpful guides, or even compelling case studies. Think of it as creating content so good, people can’t help but share it and give you a high-five.

Get Active in Your Community: Network with local businesses and organizations. Collaborate on projects, guest post on their blogs, or participate in community events. These connections can naturally lead to backlinks from relevant websites.

Get Listed in Local Directories: Make sure your business is listed in high-quality local directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and industry-specific directories. These listings often come with backlinks, giving you a nice starting point.

Build Relationships, Not Just Links: Remember, building genuine connections is important. Focus on forming relationships with website owners and editors, not just adding links to their sites. 

This fosters long-term partnerships and sustainable backlink growth.

By following these key takeaways, you can build a strong backlink profile that strengthens your local authority and helps you dominate local search results in Queens.

Stay tuned! We’ll be exploring other crucial aspects of local SEO in our next message. Remember, with the right strategy, you can become the local backlink champion and the go-to business in your Queens neighborhood!

Social Media Optimization:

While Queen’s social media scene might be vibrant, your business can still be the diamond in the rough. We’re here to help you shine brighter than the lights of sunny Astoria brunch and connect with real people in your neighborhood, not just another faceless follower.

We optimize your social media presence with Local SEO strategically, expanding your brand’s reach and fostering meaningful engagement.

Let’s explore how Social Media Optimization contributes to growth:

Craft Engaging Content: We’ll create content that sparks real conversations, not generic posts that get lost in the noise. Think of it as hosting a lively block party in Jackson Heights – people are drawn in, engaged, and leave feeling connected.

Optimize for Local Reach: We’ll strategically integrate Local SEO into your social media presence, ensuring you reach the right audience – your fellow Queens residents, not just random online visitors.

Foster Meaningful Engagement: Forget chasing an inauthentic online persona. We’ll help you connect with your community on a deeper level, building lasting trust and relationships that drive local business.

Get Noticed Everywhere: We don’t just play by the search engine rules. We’ll use social media platforms as your megaphone to the local community. Get noticed in more ways than ever before and stand out from the competition.

Turn Fans into Advocates: Happy customers are your biggest cheerleaders! We’ll help you harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing through social media, turning satisfied customers into loyal brand advocates who sing your praises to the whole borough.

Google LSA Management:

Organic growth is essential, but sometimes you need a power-up to dominate your local market.

Expanding beyond organic growth we offer Google Local Services Ads (LSA) for an enhanced hyper-local pay-per-qualified-leads strategy in Queens.

LSAs are more than just ads; they’re like lead magnets attracting the right Queens customers directly to your door.

Here’s how you can benefit from LSA:

Pay only for qualified leads: Unlike traditional ads, you only pay when you connect with a serious Queens resident who meets your specific criteria. It’s like a targeted lead magnet, maximizing your advertising budget by focusing on genuine interest, not empty clicks.

Become a local authority: Google vets and pre-qualifies businesses for LSAs, adding a badge of trust to your online presence. This trustworthiness factor can be a game-changer, influencing Queens customers to choose you over the competition.

Dominate local searches: Imagine your business shining bright in local search results, prominently displayed when Queens residents search for what you offer.

LSAs from Google are designed to make local advertising straightforward, effective, and budget-friendly, helping local businesses connect with the right customers in their communities.

So, if you’re a local business looking to increase your revenue and get quality leads consider LSAs – the savvy approach to growing your local business online!

Contact us today to learn more and start attracting the right customers, right here in your Queens community.

How Our Local SEO Services Help Businesses to Grow?

LSgigs isn’t just another local SEO service agency; we’re your local business growth partner and you get a hyper-local strategy tailored specifically for Queens businesses and the unique needs of your ideal customers.

We’ve simplified the process with the 100-Days Local Ranking Challenge.

At LSgigs, our local SEO services are strategically crafted to fuel revenue generation for your local business in Queens.

Whether you operate a single-location local business or manage a franchise with hundreds of outlets, we possess the expertise and technology needed to align with the unique goals of your industry, ensuring impactful results for your business.

Why Choose LSgigs' 100-Day Challenge?

We handle the optimization, outreach, and analysis so you can focus on running your business and serving your Queens community.

See results fast: Track your progress as we strive to land you in the Top 10 local search rankings within 100 days. Transparency is key, so you’ll see the results in real-time.

No risk, all reward: We’re so confident; if we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

LSgigs is your growth partner, not just an SEO service. We’re dedicated to helping you generate more revenue, attract the right local customers, and transform your online presence into a powerful marketing tool that drives consistent growth.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your local business? Accept the 100-Day Local Ranking Challenge and experience the LSgigs difference!


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